If you find a cat that behaves naughty or behaves aggressively, it could be because of the color of its fur. The results revealed there was a relationship between cat birthmarks and the level of delinquency.

Cats love to play, and it’s in their nature since they are small. That’s why you may have seen feral kittens play around by fighting, biting, or even scratching their siblings. This also happens when a cat is adopted by a human owner, and they may play around quite often.

Cats love to play around with their owners. When they do that, they often bite the hands of their owners. This might look cute, especially if the owner plays with kittens. Many people find it funny that there are cat bite marks on their body parts and those who don’t want to get bitten use the cat chew toys.

Do you have cats that like to play and bite cables? Usually, this behavior is carried out by kittens who are starting to grow up and are actively playing. However, it can also be done by larger cats. When cats bite cable, they can not be allowed.

Getting bitten by a cat suddenly and causing a bloody wound is often the price to be paid for cat lovers after playing with their cats. A cute cat behavior makes people unable to resist the temptation to tease it. However, sometimes cats also feel upset, exasperated, or tired when constantly invited to play.

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