Cat Chew Toys Cat Chew Toys Are Cat Bites More Dangerous Than Dog Bites?

Are Cat Bites More Dangerous Than Dog Bites?

Cats love to play around with their owners. When they do that, they often bite the hands of their owners. This might look cute, especially if the owner plays with kittens. Many people find it funny that there are cat bite marks on their body parts and those who don’t want to get bitten use the cat chew toys. Unlike dog bites, cat bites tend not to be considered dangerous. In fact, a new study shows, cat bites can also be dangerous, and their bites can be more dangerous than dog bites.

A study says, cats can inject bacteria further into joints and body tissues, which is a perfect place for the potential of infection to develop. Fast action to immediately perform the treatment after a cat bite becomes highly recommended.

The study also revealed that middle-aged women are advised to be very careful when stroking cats because they are the people who are most likely to be bitten.

However, many people tend to ignore a bite just because of its small shape. In fact, scientists say that the bite is so dangerous. Noted, one in three people who are bitten must be treated in hospital. Two of them, require surgery in treatment.


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Of the 193 patients with cat bites for more than three years, 57 of them had to be hospitalized for an average of three days. 38 of the patients also had to be dissected to remove infected tissue. Eight people had to be operated on more than once, and some needed reconstructive surgery.

Researchers also analyzed the estimated time span between cat bites and medical care. It’s because the bites tend to be considered trivial, usually, complaints only appear 27 hours after being bitten.

It’s more dangerous than a dog bite

Based on research, cat bites can be said to be more dangerous than dogs, because cats have sharp fangs, which can penetrate deeper than dog bites. Moreover, the bacteria that are transmitted through cat bites are bacteria that are “stubborn” and difficult to fight with antibiotics.

Dr. Brian Carlsen from Mayo Clinic in the United States explained that dogs have slightly more dulled teeth than cats.

“They don’t penetrate inward and tend to leave only large wounds after biting. Meanwhile, sharp cat teeth can penetrate very deep, “he said.

He said doctors and cat bite victims need to take serious action and treatment when the hands are inflamed and swollen.

That’s it for the info about cat bites that we may share with you this time. Although the cat bites might not hurt you, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may need to train your cat so it won’t bite you whenever you play with it, and you may also give it some toys that it can use to chew when you play with it.

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