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Are cats good/friendly with children

Some parents are happy for their kids to sleep with the cat curled up at the foot of their child’s bed. Other parents are shocked by the thought of all the germs and dirt, not to mention the thought of suffocation. Who is right? Are cats and kids a best mix?

For a health viewpoint, the exposure to a little bit of dirt and few bacteria is actually best for your children. Studies performed on infants found at nineteen percent of infants brought up in a home with pets developed allergies where thirty-three percent of infants bought up in homes without pets went onto develop allergies.

Doctor trust the exposure to little amounts of germs and dirt helps to power the child’s defense system. This makes them less likely to catch sickness and if they do, they are better capable to overcome the sickness.

Naturally, if you keep pets in your house you will keep them free of worms, fleas, and other parasites. These can be extremely uncomfortable for your pet and the sickness they carry can harm you and your kid. There are lots of simple to use preparation accessible to treat your pet so there is never any reason for your pet to have any parasites.

Not only is a pet best for your child’s physical health, it is also best for your child’s emotional health. Sometimes kids feel unloved and unnoticed. A cat can help your child to feel loved and valued just by snuggling into his lap. Stroking a cat releases hormones that make people feel happy and relaxed. When he wakes up at night, the cat sleeping on the end of the bed cheer up him that all is well.

Cats can teach kids responsibility. If your child is given the job of feeding the cat, he will learn that others depend on him. It will help him develop a sense of duty. Naturally, you need to supervise in case the child forgets. In the case of a younger child, perhaps their work could be capable to view the cat forever has a bowl of clean water.

Whenever animals and children are combine, an adult should supervise the child. Some kids would not intentionally harm their pet but they can still injure them. Babies should never be left with any pet. They pinch, bite pets and pull hair. Toddlers to need alert supervision around pets.

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