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Best toy for your cat

What type of toy do cats love?

Cats are both sociable and playful, they get bored easily and they spend the day sleeping. Well, if you have a cat, you will know that none of this is true. In fact, cats are very sociable and love to play. They are very active animals, which leads them to be constantly moving and playing. One must always keep in mind that a cat that is not having fun is sad. So, to make them happy, gift them cute toys. In this article, we’ll help you out with various types of chew toys that can help your cat to spend quality playtime.

Benefits of buying toys for your cat

Toys entertain cats and keep them happy. Besides, they also help cats to prevent possible behavior problems, as it helps them in developing intelligence, personality, and skills.

A feline in the wild hunts prey throughout the day. Modern day cats do not need to hunt, however for better psychological health, toys can help create a similar atmosphere/experience.

Types of Chew Toys for Cats

Fish Chew Toys

These are fake fishes stuffed with catnip. Your cats will love it! They come in realistic shapes and designs that simulate a fish. It can offer endless fun to your furry friend. They are simply perfect in size to bite, chew and play.

They are safe and made up of quality materials like plush fabric, cotton padding, and catnip. It does not contain any harmful substances.

Fish chew toys are stuffed with catnip (an herb with an aroma that fascinates all cats), which makes this toy irresistible. The catnip stimulates them, keeps them entertained and stress-free. It is not addictive, has no side effects and is completely safe for your pet’s health. There are a wide variety of fish chew toys are available in the market.

Ball Chew Toys

Ball chew toys are made of soft, non-abrasive and non-toxic safety rubber material. You can take this as a fun toy ball that keeps your cat mentally and physically stimulated. These toys are ideal for any small or medium-sized cat. We’d recommend getting balls with the bell in as this provides the cat with more entertainment.

Mouse Chew Toys

The mouse chew toys are made of non-toxic rubber material and look exactly like a mouse.

This is a very common toy that we can find in any online pet shop. It can indeed be fun as cats tend to hunt mice in the wild, therefore cats instant is to play and chase toy mice.

Squeaky Cat Chew Toy

These are unique toys that are very interesting for your cat. It works on the play and squeaks theory that can give your cat the ultimate fun of a cool playing session!!.

Chew Sticks

These are the most common toys for your cat. It can give them a very good facial exercise and they are cost-efficient as well. However, they may finish them very fast. This is because when you give them a chew stick, they love to chew it throughout the day.

Hope this post helps! Now help your cat in have an enjoyable play session by gifting them these unique toys.


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