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How to keep cats off the kitchen counter

One frustrating thing of being a cat owner that’s primarily indoors is them going on the kitchen counters when you go out for the day or while your sleeping! Finding hair in your sink, your soup spoons, laddle rests and other areas is only half the issue. What they may or may not have licked while you were sleeping is enough to drive you nuts! The other thing that really sucks is when cats make a bed out of your couch and you wind up with more pet-hair on the couch than you could have ever imagined. It sure builds up quick.

Just because of cats and couches, you wind up buying a small dollar store just to support your habit of buying lint brushes! You’re always breaking a sweat before company comes over hoping to vacuum the couch of every last strand of hair before you hear a knock at the door. This has been going on in our home for waay too long.We were using the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum and it really does work great on couches for pet hair removal and stairs. My wife swears by the thing… But it really shouldn’t be happening in the first place, right?

Then I found the Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Alarm. Reviews of the thing scream of just how well it works to rid cats of key areas.

It works great! – I think of the two who complained on Amazon that it didn’t work didn’t adjust the sensitivity on it. For most couches and kitchen jobs you’ll need at least 2 sensors.

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