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How to toilet train your cat

Some uncontrollable cats refuse to accept the toilet use. In such a situation, people usually think to let the cat remain with its own choice. But you should not give up. Keep on trying until it gets used to it. The cats caught from outdoor are the real trouble makers in this regard. And a time comes when you through them out of your home as nothing work on them. Persistent efforts always bring you desirable outcomes. The best option to avoid spending time in cleaning the floors and other household items is to get your cat toilet trained. Being a human being you are superior to all natural creatures. Use your mind and try to deceive your cat, until you get it trained for the toilet. The processes may be slow but do not give up. Change the ways and strategies in this regard. In addition to this, be patient and plan the things before you go ahead to implement. Of course this is something difficult to be done, but it’s not impossible.

We are presenting here some useful tips for cat toilet training with the help of which you can make your wild cat learn manners. So in this regard, our first tip is to be harsh on it. Beat it and do not let it excrete on the floor. Hold it and make it sit on the commode. If this does not work, place a flat hard board on the commode and make a small hole in it. Make the cat sit on it. Finding it comfortable your cat may use it without irritating you. This is your first success. Keep on increasing the size of the hole after two or three days. Do it until the flat cardboard gets a hole of commode size. It will be a deception for your cat. Do not remove the flat board from the commode for some days. When your cat becomes addicted to the height of the commode and hole, remove the cardboard. You will end up with favorable results. Whenever your kitten shows improvement in the toilet training present it with something to eat that is your cat’s favorite. In this way your cat will associate the toilet related actions which it did before reward. This is the simplest way to train a cat for the toilet. Hiring a professional trainer may be expensive so it is better to do this at home.

There are several things which should not be done while cat toilet training. The cat never likes to be touched or disturbed while it is on to excrete. So do not pat it when it is sitting on the commode. Try to keep quite. Shout if you feel that the cat is not going towards the toilet. It will help the cat to remember what was taught. Moreover, do not instruct your cat to flush the excretions. It is not impossible but it can be dangerous for the cat. Cat is an n animal that learns almost everything it is taught. But the cat may start to flush without any reason also. It may seem to enjoy it in the beginning but in the long run it will become a trouble for you as your cat will do it all the time. Secondly, if you don’t have an extra toilet for your pet cat, then you require much more effort in this regard. Cleanliness must be ensured in the common toilet, especially if there are other people living in your house. Do not let any one get spoiled with the smell of cat shit. Even if you will teach the cat to flush, there are chances that your cat may fall in the flush. If all the people at your home are cooperative, make them clean the litter of the cat each time they want to use the toilet. It is always good to make a cat toilet trained rather then litter box.

The cats usually like to hide their toil. So make sure you clean your flush and little remains from the bathroom floor. Or else, your cat may be found swimming in the flush in attempting to clean the bathroom. Same thing can happen if the cat flushes itself. The cat toilet training is important as its feces can affect the health of individuals living with it. Moreover, the pregnant women are more at risk from cat’s work. So the toilet and flush must be regularly cleaned with germ killers as well. For the rigid minded cats, when nothing works for toilet training, then you can go for beating it. But this way is not recommended for all. Some people use to beat their pets for training intention. This is surely because of unawareness. There must be some other way to solve this matter and that is proper training.

The toilet training of a cat can be time consuming and boring task. But if you want to keep a cat at your home, you will have to do it. After all, no one likes to clean the cat shit and even the smell in the carpets, bed sheets, blankets and couches. It will save you from the smelly blankets, couches and carpets after all. Taking pain for few days will relief you for the future. So to train a cat for toilet you will have to follow few simple steps. Along with this, you need to be patient and kind. Keep in mind that it is a cat, not a human being which can be made to understand things easily in words. It will take time to get used to the toilet. So with a cool and calm mind, start the training. Your first step will be the placing of litter box in the toilet near the commode. Let you cat walk and see the things in the toilet. It will look at all the objects you have in your toilet. Let it be in the toilet for some time. After two or three hours take you cat to the litter box. With the passage of time the cat will itself start to go to the toilet and find its litter box.

Now you should raise the height of the litter box. Your cat will find it. Keep on increasing the height. But do not do it every day. Give a gap of at least a week. This is the procedure for the cats that have never been trained for a commode. Keep on increasing the height of the box and make it equal to the commode. Try to place the litter box near by the commode so the cat may see both of them. When it will find both of the things similar, there are chances that it will shift to a commode. Keep an eye on it so in case it can not find the box, you may help your cat. This is possible when you are at home. The people who do not remain at home for most of the time can not train the pet cats. For them it is good to buy an already trained kitten. But for those who want to train the cats at home, this method is awesome and an effective one.

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