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How to train your cat to use a litter box

Most cats can be trained at any age to use a small box. Picking the type of box and litter is extremely vital.

  • Ensure that the litter box you pick for your kitten or cat is shallow enough to permit them to simply enter and exit the box.

  • Litter types change drastically from brand to brand. Some cats may not like the scents and textures of some litters. Scoopable brands are usually better tolerated than clay types of litter. Switching brands of litter may trouble your cat and cause him to replace little box habits, so use the same brand of litter consistently if your cat seems to live it.

Have your litter box set up and ready for your cats

Ideally, the box should be located in peaceful room where the cat will be kept until it has adjusted to its new atmosphere and family members. Cats may also be more relax using a litter box in an out-of-the-day place and not near where they eat or sleep.

Show your kitten or cat where the littler box

Perfect set the cat in the box frequently the first day that your cat is house to remind him of the place, and praise him when he uses the box. If the cat seems lost and begin pawing at rugs or carpets, quickly and gently place him in the box. Pawing at rugs, carpets, upholstery or other soft items may be a sign that the cat is searching for a place to use and cannot find the box. Your cat should not be permitted to have full unsupervised access to the home until it is consistently using the litter box.

Remove waste in the little box daily

Remove waste and change the little litter about once a week. If you do not use little box liners, clean the blank box once a week with a mild water and soap. Cats can be sensitive to scents, so do not use fragrant cleaners or sprays on a litter box. Some cats may be attracted to use a houseplant as a little box. Cover soil with stones, mulch, or tinfoil to stop them from starting this habit or move plants to a place where they cannot be reached by cats.

When a cat stops using the littler box

There are lots of reasons why cats stop using their litter box. Some are discussed below:

  • A change in the litter scents, brands or texture

  • A scent or mixture of scents in little or cleaners used on the box that the cat does not like

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