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Ideas to entertain your cat

With more and more pet owners staying at home due to quarantines and lockdowns because of the COVID-19, many cat owners and cats are experiencing a sudden shift in routine. People all over the planet are stuck at home, and it can get a pretty tough to stay entertained. But possibilities are, you are not the only one feeling a pretty stir crazy.

It can be hard to keep you cat busy, mainly when you are working from home. But there are lots of ways you can entertain your favorite feline, and help them relive some of that pent-up power. Here are few techniques to get their minds and bodies stimulated.

Food puzzles

If your cat is mainly food-motivated, food puzzles are an amazing way to not just increase your cats activity all through the day, but also their mental health. Food puzzles offer your cat with a more natural way to get their food by hunting for it. Food puzzles can be purchased, but you can make them at house.

Cat trees

placed near a window, a cat tree can offer lots of interests for your cat even if they are just watching the outside globe. These can be locations to explore and sunlight to follow while they climb, jump, hide, scratch or just rest. Plus, it provides you a pretty project to keep your hands busy for a while you are stuck at house, too.

Cat TV

If you do not live in a location where your cat can watch wildlife via a window, you can offer a similar setup using your TV or PC with YouTube and DVDs.

Train your cat

Despite some famous misconceptions, cats are actually extremely trainable. Their intelligence makes them fast and keen learners. Whether you are training your cat to perform a few tricks, like give a high five, or getting them to run via kitty obstacle course, now is the best time to work on training your cat. This will keep you and your cat entertained, a best outlet for pent-up energy.

There are tons of fun techniques you can learn, and some amazing online resources to help get you started.

Go for a walk

While harness training your cat can take a while and should be performed in baby steps, a safe walk outside can open up new globes for your cat, without all of the dangers the outside can provide.

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