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Keeping Cats Busy

How To Keep Cats Entertained?

Cats are small mammals. These cute animals are also carnivorous. They are usually referred to as domestic cats and are either reared as farm cats or house cats. They are known for their swift movements, ability to see clearly at night and their heightened sense of smell. Cats are mostly active at dawn and dusk as this is the time they go after their prey. They also has a good sense of hearing and are fond of perching in high places. Cats can be categorized as house cats, farm cats, and feral cats.

Cats are of different breeds with unique natural traits; some as a result of mutations. These different breeds include American Bobtail, American Web hair, Australian Mist, Cyprus, Egyptian Mau, Persian, Raas, Snowshoe, Sphynx, Turkish Van, York Chocolate.

Cats As Pets:

• Cats are usually kept as pets because of their cute size, body language, mental alertness, playful and social nature.
• Cats serve the purpose of companionship. They can fill the vacuum left by the loss of a loved one.
• They help you sleep better. Studies have shown that cuddling a cat can help its owner have a better night rest.
• They do not require so much attention and care as some other pets such as dogs.
• They can also raise warnings through body language in the event of danger.
• They help the owner’s emotional health as they are much fun to be with. They help relieve stress and anxiety.
• Their presence in the home would help reduce and eliminate the presence of rodents.
• A certain school of thought believes that early exposure to pets helps reduce risks of allergies.
• Having a cat as a pet can also serve as a way of relieving emotional pain and stress.
• Cat purring has been said to healing in nature; having therapeutic effects on bones and muscles.
• Cats can also be used for commercial purposes.

Cat’s Needs:
If you are contemplating taking in a cat as a pet, you would need to be aware of its needs. Besides preparing its room, getting it a good litter box, feeding it with quality food as at when due, taking it to the Veterinarian Doctor, taking care of its scratching needs, you would also need to get it entertained.

Cats love to play and as a cat owner, you have to be prepared for this. This is especially because due to work and other engagements, you may not always be around to meet to be its play buddy.

Entertaining Your Cat:
One of the first things to do is to get your cat its own special playing space. There, you keep its playing tools and all its playing activities are carried out. This way, you can monitor its environment to ensure it is safe and free from harmful objects.

Soothing Music: One of the ways to get your cat entertained is by using soothing music. Music is known to calm nerves and soothe stress. As a universal language, music can reach out to even creatures. Make a collection out of your cat’s favorites sounds and keep it playing to entertain your pet. If you are not sure, you can go for slow classical sounds.

Getting It A Friend: Getting your cat a friend is another way to keep it occupied. Your pet gets not just a friend but also a playtime. Take caution on your choice of the new cat and method of integrating it into the home, especially if your pet is known to be territorial.

Give It A Nice View: Cats love to stare at the outside through a glass door or window. They love the view and this can be a good way to deal with their boredom. So, instead of closing the blinds when leaving the house, keep them opened for your cat to stare through. You could also set up an elevated platform for it to climb. This way it would get a great angle to stare through.

Paper Bags: Getting them paper bags to practice jumping in and out and creating holes, is also a good way to keep them occupied. You can also leave papers around for it to keep crunching when you are gone. The sound can be interesting and engaging for them.

Building Furniture: One of the best ways to manage your cat’s scratching needs and keep them engaged at the same time is building its furniture. These pieces of furniture would allow it to scratch as much as it wants to, without causing damage to the properties in the home. Some of these pieces of furniture include scratching posts, scratching benches, and scratching trees. Scratching trees also have great features that would keep your cat busy and occupied all day!

Cardboard Boxes: Cardboard boxes are one of the cheapest items to get your cat engaged. They are also readily available and easily replaceable. Like paper boxes, your cat can use them for hiding and seek and jumping games. They can also keep themselves occupied by boring holes in them.

Fish Tank Fun: Cats and fishes are not the best of friends so if you are to set up a fish tank, ensure its well-elevated way above the reach of your cat. A fish tank can also be a great way to keep your cat’s mind engaged. Just it staring at the fishes moving their tails in the water. 

Setting Your Cat TV: There are several videos online of cats, rats, mice, fishes and other animals engaging in different fun activities. These videos can be captivating and interesting for your cat. Show them to your cat and watch its body language. Make a collection of the ones your cat likes and play them to your cat. You can also buy similar videos.

Puzzles and Snacks: You can also stimulate your cat’s mind by using puzzles. These puzzles should come with snacks as treats. So as your cat solves a puzzle, he gets a cat for its efforts.

Cat Toys: This can be said to be the best way to keep your cats entertained. They are also excellent for furnishing your cat’s special space. Cat toys are mentally stimulating, interesting and engaging for your cat. They are guaranteed to keep it positively busy and fascinated for hours!

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