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Stop pets sleeping on your bed

First, get him out of your bed

When you insist that your pet not be on the bed, give a relax pet bed for him to sleep on.

If the pet continues to jump on your bed, say him to “Go to your bed,” and accurate him for jumping onto yours. Every time the pet jumps up, either pick him up or softly push him off while saying, “No.”

If he is particularly persistent, you may need to include a correction such as a squirt of water in the face to support get the point across.

Can I train my pet to sleep alone

To train your pet to sleep in his own bed, pick a time that is not nighttime, and work in a room that is not your bedroom.

Locate the bed in the room, maybe the living room, and drop a favorite toy on it to make it more attractive. You should have treats accessible to reward best behavior.

With your pet on leash, walk him over to the bed and put him in a stay/down say,” Go to your bed.” Treat him when he sleep alone. Every time he gets up just, say “Nope” and serenely walk him back to the bed and repeat the command. Increase the amount of time after you say the command and give the reward.

The pet will learn the command and will know it when you insist that he stay off the bed and “Go to your bed.”

Picking the perfect pet bed for sleep alone

Watch the way your pet sleeps, and consider his age.

  • If he loves to stretch out while sleeping, a relax rectangle mattress will probably be your top bet.

  • If he likes to curl up in a tight ball, an oval bed or enclosed round will be what he enjoys most.

  • Arthritic or older pet may feel more relax with a memory foam mattress.

When purchasing pet beds, you truly do get what you pay for. Flimsy pet beds will fall apart easily and will last just a couple of months. The better the standard, the longer it will last.

To additional encourage your pet to sleep on his own bed and sleep alone, you can put a couple of favorite toys on or close it, or possibly a tee that smells like you. If you are making a new rule where the pet is not permitted on your bed, position his own right next to yours so you can stroke him and attract him to stay relax.

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