Cat Chew Toys Cat Chew Toys This is the First Aid For Cat Bites Wound

This is the First Aid For Cat Bites Wound

Cats love to play, and it’s in their nature since they are small. That’s why you may have seen feral kittens play around by fighting, biting, or even scratching their siblings. This also happens when a cat is adopted by a human owner, and they may play around quite often. Unfortunately, when playing with a pet cat, it sometimes accidentally bite its owner’s hand and it’s left a wound. No matter how clean our pets are, when they bite, they remain at risk of transmitting various diseases, especially if we ‘tease’ a stray cat, the bite can be very painful. That’s why smart cat owners give some cat chew toys to their cats, so their cats won’t be interested to bite their hands.


However, that does not mean we have to avoid cats for fear of being bitten. It could be a cat biting because it is ‘irritated’ with us. Here are the first aids in handling cat bites:

Small bite wound

If the animal bite marks on the skin are only slightly injured and there is no risk of rabies, then the treatment is the same as treating small wounds.

Wash the wound with soap and water. Then apply antibiotics to prevent infection. Cover the wound with a clean bandage or tape. Always provide medicine for first aid in small cuts in your first aid kit.

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Deep bite wound

If a cat bite on the skin causes skin tearing and severe bleeding, press on the wound using a clean, dry cloth to stop the bleeding. After the first action to stop bleeding, contact your doctor or the nearest hospital immediately.

Bites that cause infected wounds

If there are signs of infection, such as swelling, pain, redness, and sores that do not heal, immediately contact the nearest health center.

Bite wound with signs of rabies

If you suspect that the bite was caused by a cat carrying the rabies virus, then you should immediately contact your nearest doctor or hospital. Rabies can be identified from the behavior of the victim who looks hyperactive, out of control, or when the victim can not move the muscles of the body.

Cats suspected of carrying the rabies virus are wild cats or pets with unknown immunization status. Usually, doctors recommend getting tetanus injections repeated every 10 years.

Well, that’s it for the article regarding the cat bites and how to treat it. Although your cat’s bite might don’t hurt you badly, it’s better for you to be careful if you wish to avoid any diseases that your cats might have without you knowing it. Aside from that, it’s also important to bring your cats regularly for a medical check-up in a vet clinic, so you will be able to know whether your cats have hidden diseases in their bodies or not.

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