Cat Chew Toys Cat Chew Toys Why cats damage furniture (and how to prevent it)

Why cats damage furniture (and how to prevent it)


Why cats damage the house

Scratching and damaging furniture and carpets are quite common in pet cats. This destructive behavior destroys valuable household items as well as harms their health. We usually think that they are doing it to take revenge or because of their wild exposure to emotions. However, this is a misconception. They do it because they love to do it! Evidence shows this is usually due to boredom, and destroying furniture gives them entertainment and makes them happy. In this post, we’ll explore the causes that make your furry friend damage things. Let’s check it out right away!!

Why Do they Scratch?

As said before, cats don’t have a goal to take revenge while they scratch things. They do it just to satisfy their needs. Cats carry some exceptional glands on their paws. These glands are the inducer of their scratching behavior. So, they can’t help it and carry on scratching things every now and then.

Now, the question that might tickle in your mind is, isn’t there any way to solveproblem? Well, of course, there is. Continue reading to know more!

How to Handle this Problem?

The best solution to this problem is to identify their scratching preferences and act accordingly. Is it a wooden, carpet or drape surface? Does he/she scratch vertically or she likes to scratch horizontally. Once you identify their need, it will be easier for you to deal with the issue.

To prevent your valuables and keep your pet happy, you can help them in a very simple way. What’s that?

Provide Them with Toys & Stimulation

Gift your cat different toys. There is a wide range of toys available in the market that can make them really happy. Mouse made of special fabric and stuffed with favorite flavor can give them a great chew and scratching session. Cats are crazy fish lovers; provide them with special stuffed fishes to play. You can also give balls, chew sticks and many more. Trust me, when they will get their own kinds of stuff to play and scratch, they are much less likely to damage household upholsteries.

Scratching posts can also be useful, and allowing your cat plenty of time outside is also a good idea. When out of the home cats scratch trees to maintain their claw health, and have lots of stimulation such as hunting and interacting with other animals.


If you notice that your cat is continuously chewing and sucking fabric items, this might be a cause of concern. She may do so because she is suffering from an  identity crisis or obsessive-compulsive disorder. This problem is generally found in Siamese and Burmese cats. So, if they tend to chew sweaters, pillows, and blanket take him to a vet right away. This is extremely important because they can even start chewing dangerous items like needles or electrical cords. Moreover, the swallowed fabric may lead to dangerous diseases like obstruction in the pancreas. So, it’s always better to check on this and save your favorite pet from any unwanted physical disorders.

Hope this post helps! Now stop blaming your pet for their scratching habit. Instead, provide them with toys and help to fulfill their needs. Let them explore and enjoy as much as they can. Trust me, they will love you like never before!! Stay well, take care.

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