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Why do cats meow (Make noise)

Whether it is by movement, sound, or eye contact, all animals communicate with each other in some type or another. Cats are no different from any other animal in the animal kingdom in this aspect. A cats initial way to be heard by meowing. Anyway, there are several reasons why a domesticated cat will meow at their owners or at people.

House cats are very famous pets in the America as well as around the planet and have been for 1000s of years. This goes back as far the very old Egyptians who actually worshiped cats. Since then, people have been trying to know the different cat calls they make. One reason for this is to just get the focus of a person. Cats demand focus on their own terms by meowing.

Another reason cats will meow at people to inform the are hungry. Most cat owners know that these pets should be fed at the same time every day. This regiments their lifestyle and make sure that they get their right nutrition and do not miss any meals. When it is near to feeding time, a cat may make its presence known and begin meowing at their master.

Many cats in the America are either neutered or spaded because there is a big initiative control the pet population. Anyway, for pets whose reproductive organs are intact, a cat could be meowing for the reason that it is heat. Being in heat is just when a cat is feeling fertile wants to try to reproduce to make offspring. These meows are unique for any person who has been around them.

Besides hunger, focus, and being in heat, a cat may also meow as a defense mechanism. Cats are extremely territorial creatures and will meow and hiss when the feel threatened or if their personal area get involved. The tone of the meows will have a much more gloomy tone to them and, like being in heat, are extremely distinguishable between other types of cat calls.

Cats are some of the most free creatures that have been domesticated by man. Meowing is a way for a cat to voice its personal view to masters, other animals, and people. A meow could mean a cat is hungry, it he wants focus, it is angry and irritated, or is in heat. The tone of the cat’s meow is deciding factor that permits people know the difference in the cats reasoning for speaking up.

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