Cat Chew Toys Cat Chew Toys Why The 3-Colored Cats Are More Aggressive?

Why The 3-Colored Cats Are More Aggressive?

If you find a cat that behaves naughty or behaves aggressively, it could be because of the color of its fur. The results revealed there was a relationship between cat birthmarks and the level of delinquency. According to researchers at UC Davis, calico furry cats and tortoiseshell cats have a tendency to be more aggressive than cats with other fur colors. Calico cats are also called three-colored cats. The dominant fur is white, mixed with yellow and black. The three colors of the fur can be seen clearly. That’s why if you have 3-colored cats, you may want to give them cat chew toys so they will not want to chew on your hands.


Unlike the tortie or tortoiseshell cats, their furs have motifs such as turtle skin, a mixture of irregular black, yellow, and white. Research published by the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science also says, cats with two traits like to bite, hiss, scratch, or hit when interacting with humans.

Allegedly, this behavior is related to the two X chromosomes that cats have. However, this does not mean that all calico and tortie cats are aggressive, but this behavior is common in this type of cat.

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The report was made by researchers based on an online survey of more than 1200 cat owners, California Aggie reported. Respondents answered questions about the behavior of their pet cats and told the color and pattern of their fur. Respondents were asked to measure the frequency of certain behaviors in the range of zero to five.

One researcher, Liz Stelow, told Aggie that the study was aimed at exploring “old assumptions” between pets and their owners that “calico and tortoiseshell are different.” It turns out the results are: “they are significantly different from the general color of cat hair, viewed from the aggressive side of humans.”

What about cats with other coat colors?

According to the study, solid black, gray, or white cats are less aggressive. However, researchers suggest this finding does not make people want to adopt the calico and tortoiseshell cats. However, just because they are more aggressive, it doesn’t mean they have a problem. Yes, it is true. Calico cats are actually sought after because they are beautiful, cute, and agile.

Moreover, if you want to reduce the aggressiveness of your cats, you must play with them routinely. This is necessary so their energy can be spent in a non-violent way. Furthermore, you may also give some chewing toys to them, so they will be more interested in biting their toys instead of your hands.

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