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You Can Do These Tips To Avoid Cat Bites

Getting bitten by a cat suddenly and causing a bloody wound is often the price to be paid for cat lovers after playing with their cats. A cute cat behavior makes people unable to resist the temptation to tease it. However, sometimes cats also feel upset, exasperated, or tired when constantly invited to play. You must understand the signs when a cat feels compelled to retaliate and defend itself with its claws and fangs. Cat biting is a natural behavior that they learn from their parents since they were small. The mother cat will teach its child to bite and survive the enemy attack. That’s why a lot of cat owners give their cats cat chew toys to train them to bite their foods properly. When you are bitten by a kitten it may not be too painful, but be careful when the cat is an adult. Bites that are sharp and contain bacteria can make you hurt and suddenly have to visit a doctor at the hospital.

Here are some tips for avoiding cat bites:

Understand that bite signifies dominance

A cat biting when invited to play signifies ‘enough, I’m already bored!’ Or ‘I can dominate you!’. When the cat feels bored, stop inviting it to play. It needs its time alone to rest or restore its mood. Games that make it seems like it always fails sometimes make it’s feeling frustrated and turn around to bite you. Conversely, if it bites to show its strength, take control of it. You must show it that you are stronger than the cat itself.

Hold the nape to show your dominance

As a child, kittens are usually taken and controlled by the mother by biting the nape of her neck. This memory will carry on until the cat reaches adulthood. It will feel as if you are its mother who is able to protect and act decisively on it. Holding the nape of the neck will be very successful in trying to tame a frightened or angry cat.

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Pay attention to the tense movements of the tail and body

A cat’s tail that moves irregularly fast indicates that it is preparing to attack. Likewise, the body seems to be tense and rigid. Don’t tease the cat that has shown those signs. Immediately stop the game and do not provoke it with any action. Let the cat calms itself down. Cats always need ‘me time’ longer than humans.

Immediately remind the cat not to bite

If your cat accidentally bites, remind it immediately that you don’t like its behavior. Just say ‘no!’ Or give a hand gesture. Consistency is an important key to this exercise. Cats won’t know when they made a mistake if you tell them the next day.

Use game tools like fishing rods or sticks

It’s because when they were little, cats were often invited to play with human hands, so until they become an adult they considered human hands to be a game and easy target that could be caught, scratched, or bitten. Use play tools that make the distance between your hand and the cat. Cats will always enjoy playing and your hands will be safe. It just changes playing tactics. If your hands are already bitten, immediately clean them with antiseptic and treat them well. Don’t postpone it because a cat bite (especially if the fangs are dirty) can cause serious injury. Love yourself like you love your cats.

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